Our superior Paint & Finishing Products & Computerized Color Matching System will have you feeling like you made the best choice in getting

"Excellence in your Automotive Body Repair."



SIKKENS Paint is at the forefront of Coating Technology!  Not only do their colors look good, but they also consider the heat resistance, color consistency & fast drying times along with saving weight.  SIKKENS is world wide in 130 countries with over 5500 employees; one of the worlds largest manufacturers of paint/coatings. They are dedicating at the core in getting colors right !. Their color system matching is made for precise accuracy, predictable & consistent colors.  Their state of the art facility in their software color matching helps optimize color matching .  We strive in Excellence to get the colors right the First time & Every time! 



You've had an accident. If you were the driver of the vehicle you will be responsible to call in to

MPI ( Manitoba Public Insurance) @ 1-800-665-2410 to get a claim #.

You will need to have your drivers license ready as well as all the details on time, where & when the accident occurred as well as any physical injuries you may have sustained.  If you are not the owner of the vehicle ~ the owner will be required to call into MPI & make a separate claim for the repairs to your vehicle with the registration information.  You can contact us with your Claim # for the vehicle if you are the owner & we will help you with the rest of your process to get your vehicle repaired as soon as all paper work for damages has been confirmed. We would like to have a look in advance just to confirm there is not something else that the assessment has overlooked to make sure your full repairs are taken care of.  Please feel free to call us if you need help on this process & we will talk you through it !  We are about Excellence in Service !  If the vehicle is not driveable ~ you will have  need to have the vehicle towed. We have a secure compound at our facility & can store it until MPI is able to do an assessment on the damages.



If your windshield has a chip in the glass, 180 Collision can fix it on the sport for you conveniently while you wait! Call us or stop in & we will get you taken care of & no need to call MPI for the claim ~ we will do it all for you. For any windshield replacements - Give us a call  or stop in & we would be happy to schedule a replacement for your vehicle to get you back in safe driving !

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